• Nisa Marques

Lunchtime Concerts in London

With the hectic big city life is not often that we find time to ‘stop and smell the flowers’, to discover a place where we can engross ourselves on our own thoughts or just stop, and regroup.

As per a surrealist twist of reality, in the very heart of London such place can be found!

At just minutes from the Charring Cross train station Saint Martin-in-the-fields overlooks Trafalgar Square; the ‘Church of the ever open door’ offers a place of refuge and quietude in the middle of London hustle and bustle.

In addition to its architectonic beauty, this charming church is the perfect setting for the lunchtime musical concerts. These free concerts have been offered by St Martin-in-the-fields since the end of the Second World War and are appreciated by Londoners and tourists alike.

If classical music isn’t your thing you can still have a seat and enjoy the neoclassical design of the building or visit the crypt for a light lunch.

As the dusk moves into night, the church takes an all new magnificence with atmospheric candlelight and a new array of concerts.

A little gem just steps away from the National Gallery that should not be missed when in London.

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