• Nisa Marques

Lisbon Oceanarium – A thumbs up experience

Is scuba diving on your bucket list? Have you always been fascinated by the underwater world? Or do you just love Nemo?

Imagine a dry deep-sea diving experience without any of the hazards! Where you can be up close and personal with ocean sunfishes, stingrays and sharks from different heights of observation sites, or even be amused by the cutest otters you will ever see.

This is all possible when you visit Lisbon, the home of the largest indoor aquarium in Europe.

A relaxing and amazing experience for the children and grown-ups alike!


  1. It gets crowded, so try to go as early as possible

  2. Buy your tickets on-line for discounts and avoid queues

  3. There is free Wi-Fi, so even if you didn’t bought the tickets before hand, you can always buy it on-line at the entrance

  4. Do visit the temporary expositions; the ongoing ‘Submerged Forest Japanese by Takashi Amano’ is just striking

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