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Cocktail o’clock Caipiroskas

The weekend is here…

Time to have the girls around! The sun is shining, sunglasses on and the ice is ready. It’s cocktail o’clock…

Today we shall have some caipiroskas, not the most elegant of the cocktails but sweet and colourful nonetheless. Caipiroskas are an adaptation of the traditional and very popular Brazilian caipirinha. The difference between them is that cachaça is used in the caipirinhas while the Caipiroskas are made with vodka. Both drinks are very easy to make, using only four ingredients: fruit, sugar, vodka/cachaça and crushed iced.  No fuss!!

strawberry caipiroska

One simple cocktail that is vibrant, fragrant and refreshing. Just as we like them; and we can always argue that it counts as one of our five a day. At least that is my excuse!

Here I leave you with the recipe of the lime, strawberry and passion fruit caipiroskas; you can use any fruit you like, however I probably wouldn’t advise banana or avocado.

I hope you enjoy it!


50ml vodka

1 lime / 4 strawberries / pulp of 3 passion fruits

3 teaspoon (tsp) sugar

Crushed ice


Cut the lime/strawberries into quarters and put them into the serving tumbler (for the passion fruit, only add the pulp into the tumbler)

Add the sugar and with a muddler carefully macerate the fruit into syrup

Fill ¾ of the glass with the crushed ice

Pour the vodka into the mix and serve it with a straw


caipiroska passion fruit

When serving several people, I would normally cut the fruit and add the sugar 3 to 4 hours prior serving. This way a very tangy fruit syrup is obtained and the preparation time is reduced.

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