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User Group

Internal User Group

promoting internal talent

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Data Talks

Weekly events, with 1h duration.

Talk about anything related to data, from latest news to visualisation history


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Show & Tell

Promoting networking and leveraging cross-functional solutions

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Analytics Days

Monthly events with one to three days duration. Conference style, with hands-on training, speakers internal/ external and clinic hours

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Viz Challenges

Driving best practices and identification of areas to improve

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Datadragon Den

Business Use Case, where users are registered as a team.  A scope is given and 1 month to develop a solution | idea. The top 3 entries are presented to business.

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Lunch & Learn

30 min sessions with subjects about data | data prep | data visualisation | best practices | Tips & Tricks | Technical Know-how


Viz Review

1h call to review Viz Challenge entries that have requested feedback on their entries. Present also an entry of how 'Good looks like' 


Analytic Clinics

1:1  or 1:team sessions where users bring their own data | analysis | dashboards for support or to jump start a new solution


Data Olympics

Analytics Challenges by area | function | segment where the different regions participate. The first places from all areas will then be part of the final event, competing for bronze, silver or gold.


Internal Conference

Conference over 2 days where different areas of the business have sessions of show and tell, training, tips & tricks and speakers presenting solutions that were relevant to the business.


Vizlock Holmes

Sessions to reverse engineer Vizzes, gaining a clue at the end of each session. The clues will lead to discover what was the initial business question for the visualisations created.


Exam Prep Sessions

Bi-weekly sessions for exam preparation.