• Web-based

  • Consumes Analysis in browser

  • May be able to edit workbooks and reports

  • May be able to create new analysis from a previous report

  • Connect to a published data source

  • Create ad-hoc analysis at server level

  • User of web-edit function


Learning Path for Tableau

-  Explorer Skill Belt -

The stepped learning skill belt offers a structured syllabus to upskill in Tableau.

The program is to be taken in a self-learn manner, leveraging many of the materials already available in the Tableau community

How to use 

Instructions on how to use the skill belt

  • Each journey includes different stages.


  • Each stage is built on the previous one. Only when all the activities are completed, you can progress to the next stage.


  • At the end of the program, please visit the ‘Examiners’ dashboard and look for a Tableau Examiner that you can contact and align an exam task to validate your knowledge.


  • Once you pass the exam, you will be issued a certificate of accomplishment and a badge to use on your e-signature.


  • In case you aren’t successful in completing a stage, your examiner will give you directions and resources information on the areas to improve.

Explorer Skill belt.png

Viz Challenges | Makeover Monday = monthly data challenges; Explorers can use web-editor functionality for VizChallenges

Lunch & Learn/ Webinar = 45min to 1h sessions for knowledge share.

User Group= attendance of an internal User Group or Data gatherings

Analytics Day= site event that can be Clinic type of sessions with users data | workbooks + training, or training with talks or hackathons

Learning Objectives

Explorer learning outcomes.png